For many students, college is an exciting but scary adventure. It is the first time for many students to be on their own and be solely responsible for the decisions they make. College is a place to learn and grow. This may include making decisions that may not be the best. It is a time to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Our office is responsible for talking to students about those decisions. We will hold the students accountable and help to educate them on how to make better decisions.

For parents, there are usually many mixed emotions. It is a time for trying to let the student grow into adult, but also for providing a supportive environment.

When students have allegedly violated the Student Code of Conduct, a process is in place to determine whether the Code was violated. Many students are scared and turn to parents for guidance. In 2006, ASCA (Association for Student Conduct Administration – formerly ASJA) developed a Guide for Parents to understand the Conduct Process. Please review this information and call our office if you have any questions related to the process. Please understand, we will not be able to talk about a student's specific situation.