ISEG Mentoring Program Application

The Institute for the Study of Economic Growth’s (ISEG) mission is to advance the teaching, research, and application of innovative and entrepreneurial activities in a free enterprise economy to enhance societal prosperity through economic growth.

ISEG is offering a fellowship beginning in September 2020.  The program will include mentoring by ISEG faculty and invitations to seminars and networking events.  The fellowship will also include a $500 annual stipend, split between fall and spring semesters, for qualified applicants with a GPA above 2.7. 

Student member requirements:

  • Attend six ISEG events, three fall semester and three spring semester
  • Write a semester reflection essay at the end of each semester
  • Students complete a simple application to provide information to match them with a mentor, including a short essay about how participation in the mentoring program aligns with their personal goals.
  • GPA 2.7 (B-) or higher
  • Business casual dress for events
  • Optional to serve as a student officer of the program (President, Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Engagement, Director of Communications). Student officers will be engaged in the further development of the program, this may include but is not limited to, selecting future speakers, developing reading programs, research projects, and service projects that are consistent with the mission of the institute. 
  • If selected, mentors and mentees will work together to create a mentoring experience that is appropriate for each student, this may include but is not limited to, readings, research, or service projects that are consistent with the mission of the institute.

 The fall 2020 events are:

  • September 11th 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM – Get-to-know-you lunch with a presentation by Evan Wilson, Chief Experience Officer at Meritrust Credit Union
  • October 2nd 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM - Dinner with a presentation by Dr. Abby Devereaux on Perspectives on Economic Growth and Development
  • November 13th from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM - Lunch with a presentation by Dr. Eric Mota

The spring 2021 events are TBD.

If you are interested please submit the following information before August 28th, 2020.

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Do you have an interest in serving as a student officer of the program?
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