Entrepreneurship & Innovation Concentration

The entrepreneurship and innovation concentration provides the foundation for developing one's own business, moving into a leadership role in a family business or managing innovation and new business formation in a corporate setting. Building on the MBA curriculum, the entrepreneurship concentration enhances the ability to cope with a full range of issues in evaluating markets, developing business ideas, new product and process innovation, commercializing technologies and writing business plans. The specialized knowledge helps students to understand the business startup process and related managerial issues.

Required courses

  • ENTR 705 Technology Entrepreneurship*
  • ENTR 706 Seminar in New Product & Technology Development*
  • ENTR 865 Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Innovation* 

* In addition to core courses

As well as:

  • ECON 804 Managerial Economics (should be taken within the first year)
  • IB 836 International Business & Competitiveness