Excellence in PA Education since 1972

  • One of the oldest PA programs in the nation, we have graduated more than 1,650 PAs since 1972
  • The Program’s rigorous and ongoing self-assessment process helps us identify and correct Program weaknesses
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and students and we work hard to help our students achieve excellence
  • Our faculty have a combined 120 years clinical experience and 80 years teaching experience.

NCCPA Certification Exam (PANCE) - Pass Rate for First-Time Takers

Pass Rate for First-Time Takers Table
Year WSU Ave National Ave
2015 98% ↑ 96%
2016 100% ↑ 96%
2017 100% ↑ 97%
2018 100%↑ 98%
2019 100% Available Jan 2020
5-year Average 99.6% ↑ 96%

Our students also perform above the national average on other standardized measures of medical knowledge such as the PACKRAT and End-of-Rotation exams.

Enthusiastic Learning Environment

  • We strive to support and retain our students. Our 5-year mean attrition rate of 4% (deceleration, withdrawal, or dismissal) is below the national average (6%) 
  • Our exit survey shows 85% of graduates believe we foster an enthusiastic learning environment committed to their success, and 96% felt we met our goal of transforming them into highly competent PAs
  • Student ratings for 95% of PA courses and 84% of PA faculty are at or above University averages
  • We use simulation, standardized patients, workshops, and case studies to augment classroom instruction.  During the clinical year, all students are guaranteed experiences in certain supervised hands-on clinical skills

Evidence-Based Practice & Life-Long Learning

  • Our exit survey shows 99% of graduates believe we emphasize evidence-based practice life-long learning.
  • Clinical research has the power to improve patients’ lives, and at WSU, many of our students contribute to that body of knowledge by co-authoring with faculty
  • Every WSU PA student completes a clinically-relevant Master’s research project (100%)
  • We have a long, successful record of student research and publication – one of the strongest in the nation
  • The 5-year average publication and professional poster presentation rate for Master’s projects is strong, 22%

Applied Learning Credit System (PA Passport)

Becoming an excellent PA involves more than treating a disease.  Every WSU PA student engages in applied learning in research, service, professionalism, and interprofessional education

Service-Learning Leaders

To provide excellent healthcare we must attempt to meet and understand the needs of the patient, family, and community.

Every WSU PA student performs volunteer community service. 

  • Our rate of 100% engagement far exceeds the College rate of 60% and the University rate of 25%
  • Faculty-led initiatives include the Senior Mentor Program; Give-Kids-a-Smile fluoride varnish clinic; United Way Homeless Count; Ready Set Fit health education for elementary children; health topic presentations at a socioeconomically distressed high school; and many others
  • Every year our students leave their mark by taking the initiative to develop their own opportunities to engage with and support the community


Patient-Centered, Interprofessional Care

  • Providing excellent healthcare requires a patient-centered, evidence-based, interprofessional team approach
  • Every WSU PA student engages in opportunities to learn about, from, and with other healthcare professionals during their didactic education and on clinical rotations 

Primary Care, Rural, & Underserved

  • Learning medicine in rural areas allows our students to see it all and really get to know their patients and community
  • Every WSU PA student completes at least 18 weeks of rotations in primary care and 12 weeks in rural areas
  • Our alumni practice in rural underserved communities at nearly 4 times the national rate, 45% 11% nationally
  • Our alumni practice in primary care at 5 times the national rate, 46% vs. 26% nationally

National data from NCCPA 2017/18 report

Low Debt & Strong Employment Opportunities

  • The typical WSU PA student graduates with about half the amount of student loan debt as compared to the national average for PA students; and starting salaries for our graduates are highly competitive .
  • Employers love our graduates – Employers rate our graduates as 8 out of 5.0 for knowledge, patient management skills, overall preparation as a PA, and probability of hiring a WSU PA if there were an opening
  • Jobs are waiting for our graduates – By the time our students graduate, 88% say they already have a job lined up or have multiple offers.