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We know you're dedicated to enhancing your life for the long run, we get it! Join us the month of July as we share with you the power of preparation. Each week we will be updating the website with resources and tips to help boost your academic strategy.

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We want to thank all our particpants for joining us at our Power of Prep Lunch and Learn. We have compiled the list of resources we have discussed at our session. Please reach out to any of us if you have additional questions or concerns.

Week 5: Blackboard Basics

Prior to the start of the semester make sure to spend some time familiarizing yourself with our online learning platofrom, Blackboard. 

As you explore Blackboard learn the layout of your courses. Check if you can locate essential information about each of your courses.

  • Syllabus
  • Reading and course material
  • Instructor contact information
  • Gradebook

Please note that some instructors choose to post and upload course information at a certain time. For example some instructors choose to post their syllabus a week before class starts and others may choose to post it on the first day of class.


Previous Weeks

Week 1: Navigate myWSU Portal

As a new student at Wichita State, you will learn quickly that your myWSU portal is the main hub to everything regarding your academics. Student use the myWSU portal to check their email, register for classes, pay tuitions and fees, check the status of their financial aid, and so much more. View our quick tutorial on how to navigate the portal.


Week 2: Financial Aid Information

College can be one of the biggest and best investments of your life, so when it comes to paying for your education, you have options, and we’re here to help. 


Week 3: Netiquette Matters

Netiquette is essentially rules and norms for interacting with others on the internet in a considerate, respectful way. Learn how to be on your best behavior in an online classroom with our video and tips.


Netiquette Guidelines:

  1. Communicate Cleary and Effectively: Remember that your online presence does not allow people to see your physical and verbal cues. Our written words can be misunderstood.
    • Be aware that your written word is the only form of communication in an asychronous learning environment.
    • Use your words carefully and ask yourself if comments you make can be misinterpreted.
    • Check your grammar before posting. 
  2. Please treat your peers and instructor with respect.
    • Take time to read and respond to each other in such a way that a learning environment can continue to develop.
    • Be kind and professional. Set a respectful tone by using respectful greetings, signatures, and full sentences.
  3. Participate as though you are interacting in a face-to-face classroom.
    • Format your posts so that everyone can learn from your knowledge, skills, and abilities.
    • Build upon classmate's thoughts or attempt to add something new to the conversation. 
  4. Remember everyone has not had previous online experience.
    • Notice the habits of your peers. Some may spend more time observing than others. When necessary, provide encouragement for creative and critical conversation. Support one another.
  5. Submit files the right way: Instructors establish ground rules for file assignment submissions. This may be listed in the syllabus. If you don’t follow instructions, you’re taking the risk that your instructor won’t be able to find or open your assignment. Save yourself and your instructor a headache and read their instructions carefully before submitting.
Week 4: Writing Discussion Posts

Week 4: Writing meaningful discussion posts

Follow along in our discussion post tutorials:

"Considering the fact that discussion posts are written, you need to ensure everything you post needs to be professional, well-thought-of, and meaningful...here are 6 helpful tips to help you stand out:

  1. Understand the prompt
  2. Refer to the scoring rebric
  3. Present evidence and examples
  4. Draft the answer before posting
  5. Express clearly
  6. Respond in a timely manner"

Source: How to write and respond to Discussion Posts