Rowing With Wichita State

Rowing for Wichita State University does not require any previous experience, but, depending on if you are on the recreational or competitive team, it can take a lot of hard work. As a Shocker Rower, you can be proud because you will be part of a winning program.

You will be meeting people who are also experiencing a new sport, people who like the challenge of learning something new, and people who want to win.

Rowing is an independent varsity sport and competitive athletes who meet the requirements receive an official varsity sport letter for participating in rowing. The program is funded and has two full-time coaches, a strength and conditioning team, as well as volunteer staff for rowing.

Our program has a lot to offer athletes wanting to continue rowing at the collegiate level, whether they are male or female. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk with any interested athletes. Please feel free to contact Coach Cupp with questions at:

Rowing at Wichita State provides an excellent competitive opportunity for male and female students seeking a challenge physically and mentally. Experience is not a consideration for walk-ons. Although experience is always a bonus, few Shocker team members rowed prior to coming to WSU.

Once you make the commitment to row at Wichita State, the Shocker Coaching Staff will teach you the fundamentals during your first few weeks on campus. You will begin your career as a developmental rower and have the opportunity to progress to the championship level by the spring of your first year. The developmental team builds the foundation on which the championship team’s success lies.

You can be part of the rich tradition!