What Care Team Does

Below is a list of services provided by the Care Team.

  • Reach out to students of concern and assess needs. Care Team will reach out to students about whom a concern has been submitted. Care Team will try to arrange a meeting or conversation with the student to determine what their needs are and how we can help.
  • Inform students of options. Care Team can let students know about their options for addressing problems, including existing and available services, information, processes and resources.
  • Connect students with resources. Care Team will help connect students with people, offices and resources to meet their needs.

What Care Team Is Not

While the Care Team can be a great resource and tool for helping students, it can't do everything.

  • Emergency services. Care Team is happy to reach out to students who have recently experienced a crisis or who seem at-risk of needing crisis services in the near future. However, if a student is currently in a crisis, we advise you to call 911 or call UPD at 316-978-3450. Calling the police does not get anyone in trouble; police provide emergency services.
  • Counseling services. Counseling and Prevention Services has representation on the Care Team, and if students need counseling services we are happy to put them in touch with either CAPS or a community provider. However, the Care Team does not offer counseling services, and most of its members are not licensed counselors.
  • Human Resources. Care Team is not intended to solve problems or resolve conflicts for University employees. For employee conflicts, contact HR. This does not apply to students who are also employed at the University.