Homework Assistance and Tutoring Hours
Monday - Thursday
4:00 - 7:30 p.m.

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The Academic Component

The Academic Year Component provides support to students, augmenting academic instruction provided by the Wichita Public School System.

The Academic Year Component runs September-May of each year. Students participate in academic instruction, one-on-one tutoring in academic subjects, college and career exploration, seminars and workshops, campus visits, secondary and postsecondary preparation, social and cultural enrichment, financial aid application assistance, ACT Test preparation, personal guidance, leadership conferences, fund raisers, National TRIO Day activities and bi-weekly Saturday Sessions.

Bi-weekly Saturday Sessions consist of tutorial assistance, dynamic speakers, workshops and community service projects.

Activities are designed to improve skills in classes and enhance grades and general academic performance. Active participation of students is required to ensure improvement, preparation and support.

The Summer Component

The Summer Residential Component is an important structured experience for participants. Students are in residence Sunday to Friday for six to eight weeks on the beautiful Wichita State University campus.

The purpose of the Summer Residential Component is to provide academic instruction, tutoring, guidance and counseling (individual and group), career information, post-secondary admissions advising and assistance, financial aid advising and assistance, and exposure to cultural events and academic programs. All activities are designed to stimulate a college-going experience for the participants.

Summer participants include students who have successfully completed the Academic Year and eligible participants on the waiting list. Records of participants are reviewed to determine individualized schedules. Students are grouped according to their abilities. Prior to actual coursework, all students are assessed in all academic areas to determine placement.Pre and Post testing assist in tracking and determining growth.

UBWP Summer Program Invitation Letter 2014 (fillable pdf)