"While the provision or denial of each service could have helped or hurt any student, the impact in either case was greatest for those who identified as first-generation."  A Look Back to Move Foward: Serving First-generation Students During a Worldwide Pandemic. V. Kaye Monk-Morgan M.P.A., Wichita State University/The Center/April 24, 2020

A Letter to the First-Gen Shockers

How are you?  How is your experience with the sudden move to academic cyberspace?  Truth, for many of us, it’s been sudden, weird and a test of our resilience.  As we continue to move forward with offering online learning, let the First Gen Coordinating Council (FGCC) be here for you.   

Since March 30th, the FGCC recognizes that you have juggled technology, time, and location while settling into online education.  It may have felt forced and you may have felt skeptical and unready.  We get it.   Today, we want to take a moment, check-in and send out some reminders that may be helpful. 

Academic Help
  • Libraries: Your librarians would love to help you via online chat and email! See https://libraries.wichita.edu/covid19 for information about online services and resources.
  • Success Coaches:  They are available for Zoom appointments. You can schedule an appointment by calling or emailing you coach or requesting an appointment in myWSU.  Find your Success Coach here 
  • Supplemental Instruction is still being offered. Check Blackboard if your current course has an SI.
  • The following Centers are offering online tutoring through Blackboard and/or Zoom:
  • Diversity & Inclusion offers tutoring services as well.  Check-in with their social media at #ShockersAtHome.
  • If you have been using the services of a Tutoring Service, you may now find them online. To locate the online version of your tutoring center.  Check Blackboard to see if there are links to all tutoring centers under the tabs "My Institution," "My Courses," and "My Organizations."
  • Request a Tutor” through the Student Tools section, if none of these options address your tutoring needs, you can go through myWSU
  • Enrollment for summer & fall classes are well underway, join others in continuing your studies over the summer.
  • Check in with your advisor for summer & fall enrollment, feedback on classes and assistance.
  • Credit/No Credit grading option is now available for students to adjust grades, on a per class basis, from the assigned letter grade to a credit/non-credit option for undergraduate students and satisfactory/unsatisfactory option for graduate students. These options for undergraduate and graduate students will provide a grading option that will not impact GPA calculation.
Counseling: CAPS & CARE
  • If you or someone you know is struggling, there is help available via Counseling & Prevention Services.
  • The university CARE Team is on standby to serve students who are experiencing levels of distress, anxiety, financial concerns or other challenges that may impact their academic success. Should you need additional support, submit a care report here. You can also find additional resources regarding emergency assistance & self-care resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many students' employment options. The WSU Career Development Center has collected resources to help Wichita State University students find part-time, remote, and work-from-home opportunities.

Financial Assistance

An emergency fund for WSU students who have lost their job or had other financial setbacks due to the pandemic are encouraged to apply for grants (you do not have to pay this back).  Students may apply for a grant of up to $500 by visiting the WSU Office of Financial Aid website at  for the application. The WSU Foundation has created this emergency fund that was started from WSU Foundation donors. 

Graduate Students

There are still computers available for students who may not have laptops at home and are struggling with the shift to working remotely. If you need a Chromebook (or a repurposed Dell if you use SSPS or other specialized software that doesn't run on the Chromebook), please contact the appropriate person in your College for your laptop needs.


Wichita State Campus Recreation is offering daily meditation on Facebook @WichitaStateCampusRecreation.  The YMCA is offering classes online at YMCA360

Student Health Services

Wichita State’s Student Health Services are currently from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Staff will be screening all individuals prior to entrance.  Student Health is located in the Student Wellness Center in the Steve Clark YMCA building.  Please use the southwest entrance to access the Student Wellness Center.


Accesing Classes Online

  • Request a Chromebook: For students who don't have access to a computer in any other way, there are a limited number of Chromebooks available. These can be accessed by contacting Tami Koester in ITS at tami.koester@wichita.edu.

  • Mifi (mobile hotspot) are available for students with limited or no Internet access.  Contact ITS at 316-978-3535 or telecomservices@wichita.edu.
  • All WSU students have free temporary access to several computer programs like Adobe Creative Cloud at https://www.wichita.edu/services/its/userservices/StudentResources.php.
  • Helpdesk: Seek any unanswered technology questions via the helpdesk site or calling 316-978-4357.
Technology Help
TRIO Programs

TRIO Programs (SSS, DSS & McNair):  provide support for tutoring & advising through the following methods: email, text, phone and/or video (Zoom).

WSU Student Information

UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFOLog into your myWSU and ensure that your current contact information is on file. 

WSU First Generation:  If you are interested in being an active first-gen student, contact the student group to learn how you can be involved. Meetings are hosted weekly by president, Kathy Johnson.

The FGCC is here for you.  Be safe, take care and reach out and let us know how we can help.  


The First Generation Coordinating Council