FMLA is a law and University policy that allows unpaid leave for eligible employees with a qualifying event. Its purpose is to provide job and benefit protection for an eligible employee. Visit the following links for policies, guidelines, and application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Request Procedures

As a first step in the leave request process, please complete the Family or Medical Leave Request Form and submit it to totalrewards@wichita.edu. A member of the Total Rewards team will then contact you with next steps in the process, including providing you with a certification (where applicable) for you and/or a health care provider to complete and submit. Under FMLA, employees should provide at least 30 days advance notice to their supervisor of their request for leave unless extenuating circumstances arise. 

If your leave qualifies for FMLA (unpaid), you may supplement your protected leave with any of the following paid leave benefits for which you are eligible to continue your pay while on leave:

  • Earned Accrued Leave - sick leave, vacation leave, compensatory time, discretionary day, etc.
  • Shared Leave - if you meet program eligibility requirements for leave for your own qualifying health condition or to care for a family member with a qualifying health condition. (See the Shared Leave website for more information.)
  • Paid Parental Leave - if you are taking leave as a Primary or Secondary Caregiver following a qualifiying birth or adoption of a child (up to six (6) years of age). (See the Paid Parental Leave website for more information.)

If you are taking leave related to your own medical condition, you will need to provide a work release from your health care provider prior to returning to work. You may submit this information on a doctor's office form or you may have them submit a Return to Work Authorization.

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