There are limited concurrent VPN sessions available with the old Cisco VPN.  Due to the limitation session availability with Cisco VPN, we highly recommend updating to the new VPN.  Instuctions located on

  • Creating a VPN Session is NOT required for several WSU Applications.  For example the following DO NOT require VPN:  Blackboard, myWSU, Skype, TEAMs, Microsoft Office 365, Employee Dashboard, Reporting Services, and WSU Reporting.
  • VPN Session is REQUIRED for the following:  access a work computer located on campus, online Avaya Voicemail access, WSU shared drives, and Banner 9 (PROD).

Please Note:  If you have not used Remote Desktop previously, your work computer must be set up to connect remotely.  Please Submit a ticket for Remote Desktop access or click here for instructions on submitting a ticket.  Contact the ITS Technology Help Desk at (316) 978-4357, option 1 for assistance.

Apple Off Campus Computer: VPN Setup & Access

Before setting up VPN, check the following:

 From your home screen, look at the menu bar in the upper right for an icon like the one shown below:

VPN icon

Click on the icon, and see if Connect WSU Cisco VPN  is an option. If it is, you do not need to set up your VPN, and can skip straight to Connect to VPN.

 Connect to VPN appears


Set Up VPN

  1. Go to System Preferences (gear icon).
    Gear icon
  2. Select Network.
    Network Application
  3. In the popup, press the plus sign (+) in the lower left.
    Plus sign(+)
  4. In the popup screen, enter the following information:
    • Interface: select VPN
    • VPN Type: select Cisco IPSec
    • Service Name: WSU Cisco VPN
    • Press Create

      As described above.


  1. Enter the following information:
    • Server Address:
    • Account Name: your myWSUID (e.g. A123Z987)
    • Leave Password blank to be prompted each time you log in.

      As described above
  2. Press Authentication Settings

 Authentication Settings

  1. Next to Shared Secret type shocker. Press OK.
    As Described Above
  2. Make these final changes to finalize your VPN setup:
    a. Check the box next to Show VPN status in menu bar.
    b. Press Apply.
    c. Press Connect.

    As described above
  1. For Account Name, enter your myWSUID (e.g. A123Z987). For Password, enter your myWSU ID password. Press OK.

    Log in screen
  2. A bar icon will appear at the top of the screen. This is a quick way to access the VPN settings.

 VPN Icon

  1. Click on the bar to access a dropdown menu. Here is an option to Disconnect from your VPN session.

 DIsconnect option

  1. We recommend that you select Show Time Connected. This will display a time clock for your connection with the VPN icon, and serve as a helpful reminder that your session is in progress.

 Show time connected option

Connect to VPN

In the future, when you would like to connect to the VPN, click on the icon, and select Connect WSU Cisco VPN.

Connect as described above

In the popup that appears, For Account Name, enter your myWSUID (e.g. A123Z987). For Password, enter your myWSU ID password. Press OK.

 VPN Log in screen