MiFi Request Information

Due to the fact that those working remotely may have limited or no internet access, a limited number of cellular hotspot devices (or MiFis) from Verizon, T-Mobile, and At&T are available from WSU ITS Telecommunications.

Mifi Setup Guides

There is currently no charge for this service.

These devices can be used as a wireless internet device or can be plugged directly into one device and used as a tethered internet.

Please Note:  There is a limited supply of MiFis and they are not intended for those with exisitng internet access available.  Those who already have working internet access, please do not request a device so that those in need will have one available.

Use the form listed below to request a MiFi to borrow while working remotely.

Request a Wireless Device for Working Remotely

Click here for the guide on how to submit a request.