Off Campus Apple Computer: Remote Connection

Is your work computer an Apple or Windows machine? Read on for instructions for your specific situation.

 Apple Off Campus Computer to Apple Work Computer

  1. Access the VPN (see VPN Instructions).
  2. From the Home Screen, click on the spotlight search and type Screen Sharing. Select Screen Sharing from the top of the list.
    Screen Sharing in Spotlight
  3. Enter the computer name you collected in the Work Computer Settings Section
    Add to the end of the computer name; for example:
    As described above
  4. Click Connect.

Apple Off Campus Computer to Windows Work Computer

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

  1. Open the App Store.
    App Store icon
  2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.
    Microsoft Desktop 10
  3. Press Get to download.
    Get button

Start a Remote Session

  1. Access the VPN (see VPN Instructions).
  2. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Select Add PC.
    Add PC button
  4. In the popup screen, under PC Name, enter in the computer name you collected in the Work Computer Settings Section.

    PC name menu
  5. In the popup screen, enter the following:
    1. Username: ad\(wsuid)
      • For example: ad\A123Z987
    2. Password: Your myWSUID password
    3. Press Add.

      Settings as described above, Add button circled.
  6. A new desktop will appear in the App. Double click on it to start the session.
    New Desktop appearing
  7. Click Continue if you receive a popup.

 Continue button

  • Once a session has started, hover your mouse at the top of the screen to see a menu. Click the red button on the left to end the session. Don’t forget to also end the VPN session (see VPN section)

 red button