Off Campus Windows PC: Remote Connection

Windows Off Campus Computer to Apple Work Computer

Contact the Help Desk for assistance, as this requires a special setup: (316) 978-HELP, option 1 or


Windows Off Campus Computer to Windows Work Computer

  1. Access the VPN (See VPN instructions)
  2. Click on the Windows icon in the lower left and type Remote Desktop Connection.
  3. Select Remote Desktop Connection from the Best Match results.

 Remote Desktop in Windows menu

  1. In the popup screen, for Computer, enter in the computer name you collected in the Work Computer Settings stepClick Show Options.

    Show Options
  2. For User Name, enter ad\myWSUID, for example ad\A123Z987. Click Connect.

    As described above.
  3. In the popup screen that appears, enter your myWSU ID password and click OK.

    Log In screen
  • A blue tab will appear at the top of your remote session. To close the session, click on the X in the upper right. Don’t forget to close your VPN session (See VPN instructions)

 Close session x