Email Accounts for Students, Faculty & Staff

All currently enrolled students and current faculty and staff have been assigned an official WSU email account on the "" email server. This account will remain active for a minimum of six months after a student graduates from the university.

For more information on Email @ WSU, see

Internet Access

Wichita State Univerisity is a member of the KANsas Research and Education Network (KanREN), a consortium of universities and public libraries throughout Kansas. KanREN provides WSU with a connection to other member sites and to the public Internet. WSU is also a member of and and has a connection to the high-speed Internet2 research network. Connectivity to Internet2 is provided through the Great Plains Network. For more information on WSU's research initiatives and projects with Internet2, see the WSU Internet2 Home Page.

User Assistance

Technical assistance for users (especially students) is available from student consulting assistants in Jabara Hall Room 120. This service is intended to help computer users in their understanding of the use of the computing facility and to assist them in interpreting messages in their printed output. Questions with regard to errors in programming logic should be referred to and discussed with the student's instructor or designated representative. When that line of pursuit fails to solve the problem, please have the instructor contact one of our professional staff members for special assistance.