The primary mission of University Computing and Telecommunications Service is to serve the students, the faculty, and the staff of the university by providing contemporary computing and telecommunications facilities in support of administrative information systems, instruction, research, and the community service mission of Wichita State University.


* Provide and support contemporary hardware and software, professional, staff and the campus information infrastructure in support of the administrative, instructional, research, and public service needs of the university.

* Develop and/or acquire management information applications to meet the needs of the institution in a cost effective manner.

* Improve the productivity of the university work force by modernizing the campus to use information more efficiently and to maximize the institutions investment in information technology.

* Reduce the annual rate of increase in operating cost of the university by acquiring and using information technology wisely.

* Provide micro computing maintenance, training, and consulting services to the university community.

* Expand the university campus facilities to support computing and telecommunications services for both inter and intra-campus networking

* To provide campus network infrastructure to support the faculty information workstation environment of the future.

* To provide a campus information network that enhances the student's college experience and prepares the student for the challenges of the future.