Fully Online Course, Temporary (Hybrid Option 5)

You have chosen to put your course fully online for this term, and may use the online version for later COVID-19 terms, but you do not have the intention to keep this course online once it is not necessary to do so.  While this choice will require you to do more work up-front, your choice allows you the greatest flexibility of the hybrid options, frees up classroom space for courses that cannot be made fully online, and allows your students the opportunity to pursue their degrees without having to come to campus if they are unable to do so. 

To assist you in putting some of your content online, Instructional Design and Access has created a learning path for you as part of the Academic Resources Conference (ARC). Please go to the "Topic or Track" sessions listing for the ARC here, and choose "Conference Tracks" and then "Hybrid Option 5" for a list of recommended trainings to support you. We will be offering a mix of online/on-demand video trainings, online/real-time interactive trainings, web-based narrative trainings, and currated articles to fill out your full learning path.