Members of the Senate


*UP Senate Officer

Division Senator Term Through Department Extension
Academic Affairs Denise Gimlin June 2021 Graduate School x6243
Academic Affairs, Secretary* Jeanne Patton June 2020

Information Technology Services

Academic Affairs Kayla Jasso June 2020 College of Applied Studies  x7437
Academic Affairs Krysti Carlson-Goering June 2020 Information Technology Services  x3181
Academic Affairs Sally Fiscus June 2020 Office of the Registrar  x7279
Academic Affairs Susan Norton June 2020 Office of Adult Learning x8325
Academic Affairs Trish Gandu June 2020 Dorothy & Bill Cohen Honors College x3375
Administration & Finance Ellen Abbey June 2020 Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration x5864
Diversity & Community Engagement Katie Givens June 2021 Public Policy and Management Center x6419
President, General Counsel, & Strategic Communications Lainie Mazzullo June 2020 Strategic Communications x3409
Research & Technology Transfer Aswini Kona Ravi June 2020 National Institute for Aviation Research x6427
Research & Technology Transfer Deb Wagner-Kirmer June 2020 Center for Strategic Initiatives x6358
Research & Technology Transfer Judith McBroom June 2021 Office of Research x6848
Research & Technology Transfer Shawn Ehrstein June 2021 National Institute for Aviation Research x5839
Student Affairs Gabriel Fonseca June 2021 Office of Student Involvement x3022
At-Large, Student Affairs Alison Babb June 2020 Housing & Residence Life x3380
At-Large, Academic Affairs Lisa Clancy June 2020 College of Health Professions x6562
At-Large, Academic Affairs Tyler Gegen June 2020 Office of Undergraduate Admissions x6085
At-Large, Research & Technology Transfer Heather Perkins June 2020 Community Engagement Institute x5568
Ex-Officio, UP Senate President* Julie Scott June 2020 Office of Financial Aid x5436
Ex-Officio, UP Senate Past-President* Camille Childers June 2020 Office of Student Health Services x3620
Ex-Officio, Human Resources Judy Espinoza Non-expiring Human Resources x3065
Ex-Officio, Foundation Katherine Holmgren Non-expiring Foundation x3815
Ex-Officio, Alumni Association Connie White Non-expiring Alumni Association x3088
Ex-Officio, Intercollegiate Athletic Association Russell Wilkins Non-expiring Intercollegiate Athletic Association x3267
Ex-Officio, Rhatigan Student Center TBD Non-expiring Rhatigan Student Center TBD