WSU Data Governance

Academic Affairs maintains several managed data systems1 which the university community uses to inform decision-making, planning and reporting. The mission of the Data Governance Council (DGC) is to provide oversight to these data systems to ensure data integrity, best practices2 in data management, reporting standards, information consistency, and security access. In addition, the Data Governance Council is charged with identifying data and reporting needs related to strategic planning priorities and the sharing of business knowledge across divisions to ensure data and reporting optimization related to the latest business practices within units. The Data Governance Council provides compliance with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requirements related to institutional data used for accreditation.

1 Managed data systems include Business Intelligence and Predictive Modeling (BIPM), University Assessment Data Storage (UADS) and External Reporting Data (ERD). While largely dependent upon transactional databases (e.g., Banner), managed data systems are OLAP-based configurations designed for reporting and analysis and include data customizations, aggregation, imputation, forecasting and simulations of data elements.

2 WSU Data Governance (DG) structure is based on Best Practice within higher education as defined by Educause and leading universities in data governance (contact the Office of Planning & Analysis for a complete list of schools used to define WSU data governance structures).

Data Governance Documents

Data Governance Charge

Data Governance Structures

Data Governance By-Laws

Personal Identifiable Data (PID) Form (Word doc)

Data Standards-General Person

Data Reporting Terms and Standards

Data Reporting Glossary

*Data Governance meeting minutes available upon request

Data Systems

The University community has three managed data systems from which to obtain information related to
data for decision-making, planning and reporting. Depending on the type of information needed, these
data systems are the Business Intelligence and Predictive Modeling (BIPM), University Assessment Data
(UAD) and External Reporting Data (ERD).

BIPM Data Systems

BIPM Data Maps

BIPM Workflow Maps