USS Senate Committees AY 2017

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Alternative Service Committee -- Reviews performance evaluations & grievance policies.

Communications Committee -- Coordinates marketing/communications for the Senate, including social media (Facebook, Twitter), WSU TV, WSU Today news, campus mailings, emails etc. One member serves as webmaster. One checks Senate email and campus mail accounts. At least two members create a twice annual newsletter (one in fall & one in spring), to be distributed to university support staff; conduct intervviews, write articles, etc.

Community Service -- Responsible for organizing community service events that the university support staff senate will participtate in (at least two per year).

Constitution -- Review of senate constitution and by-laws. Update as needed with full university support staff vote.

Elections -- Coordinates the election of university support staff senators each year.

Shocker Pride Celebration -- Obtains door prizes for the annual celebration: administer the nominations and selection of the three university support staff President's Distinguished Service Award recipients.

Shocker Scholarship -- Develop a promotion for scholarship program to raise funds each year. Develop/monitor scholarship criteria for Shocker Employee and Dependent Scholarship; review/score qualified applicants for each fall and spring semester; submit applicant(s) with highest scores to the Office of Financial Aid for scholarship award and provide updates at the university support staff senate monthly meeting.

Tuition Committee -- Explores new options for tuition grants/waivers for employee and their dependents.

Town Hall Committee -- Holds a biannual reception for university support staff as a way for them to get to know their senators and provide helpful information to university support staff at WSU.

USS Council Representatives -- Attend monthly Council of Presidents and Kansas Board of Regents meetings. Any university support staff senator is welcome to attend these meetings.

University Committees AY 2017

Campus Climate Survey Committee -- Reviews the climate survey prepared for WSU by Hanover Research and makes recommendations as needed.

Crisis Management/Weapons Policy Committee -- Reviews crisis management and weapons policies.

Library Appeals Committee -- Reviews library appeals for fines, etc. Committee member cannot be employed at Ablah Library.

Parking Appeals Committee -- Reviews parking violations appeals. One university support staff serve on this committee. Committee member cannot be employed by the WSU Police Department.

President's Budget Advisory Committee -- Reviews yearly budgets. The university support staff president is a member of this committee.

President's Council -- University council that includes the presidents of each senate and various members of the presidents excecutive team.

Professional Development Committee -- Works to continually find professional development opportunities for university professionals and university support staff. These opportunities are posted to the Shocker START website.

Rhatigan Student Center Board -- Helps make financial decisions related to the operations of the RSC. One university support staff serves on this committee that meets every two months.

Sustainable Efforts Committee -- Reviews policies to create and share efforts for a sustainable campus.

Traffic Appeals Committee -- Reviews moving violation appeals. One university support staff serves on this committee and cannot be employed by the WSU Police Department.