Are You Ready To Lead the Way To Make a Difference?

 The SGA Elections Commission has officially ended the formal Declaration of Candidacy process. However, if you are still interested in running and serving on the Student Government Association, we invite any member of the Association to conduct a write-in campaign for any position to be contested in the General Election.

This is a great opportunity to give back to campus and allow your leadership skills to shine. The Wichita State University Student Body needs dedicated and passionate students who are ready to work hard and improve the student experience, life and spirit on our campus. Your desire to serve your student body is greatly celebrated.

At Wichita State University Student Government Association we see our motto as our personal commitment to the university community. It is at the core of everything we do. In fact, SGA empowers students to voice their opinions and concerns directly to their representatives, who sit at various tables representing and advocating for their needs. SGA is governed by students and committed to student issues and concerns. If you are still interested in running to be a member of the Student Government Association, please click here to learn How to Run for SGA Office

If there are any questions during the elections process, please feel free to contact 

In Shocker Pride,

The 2020 Elections Commission