End-of-year closeout

Learn how to complete the end-of-year closeout for a Strategic Planning Initiative (SPI). 

Step-by-step instructions

How-to videos

Creating an initiative

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to Create a Strategic Plan Initiative or view the step-by-step instructions.

Updating an initiative

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to Update a Strategic Plan Initiative or view the step-by-step instructions.

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How to enter initiatives and tactics

Sign into TeamDynamix at https://wichita.teamdynamix.com using your myWSU log-in and password. You will need to use Duo Authentication. Select "Client Portal."

Visual demonstrating sign-in screen

Select "Services" and type SPI in the search bar. Click the magnifying glass. In the search results, click on "Strategic Planning Initiative"

Visual demonstrating strategic planning intiative

After reading the directions, click on the "Submit Initiative" button. 

Visual demonstrating the Submit Initiative button

Enter information on the initiative. Make sure to include two-to-five tactics to accomplish it. Tip: The Leader should be the person who will be updating the initiative and its tactics. 

Visual demonstrating the Initiative form

Note: Be sure to gain local financial approval first and select "Yes" on the form. If you select "No," the form will be routed back to you for this important step. 

The Strategic Planning Board will assign "Public" or "Not Public" to your initiative and you will receive an email. It will look like this: 

Visual demonstrating the email generated by the system

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How to update initiatives

Make sure to use the system to keep your initiatives up-to-date. To do so, sign into TeamDynamix at https://wichita.teamdynamix.com using your myWSU log-in and password. Select "Services," then "My Approvals." Identify "Step Column" and click on "Update Individual Tactic or Overall Status" for your initiative. 

Visual demonstrating the approvals screen when updating initiatives

Select "Update Initiative" or a tactic by clicking on the buttons. 

Visual demonstrating the Update Initiative button

Note: You may have multiple updates to accomplish. Depending on when the system cycles, you may see your updates in real time, or it may take up to five minutes to refresh after each one. 

Tip: "Resend Notification" will resend you an email, and you can use the link to share with others. 

Add comments that you want to go to SPI only. Note: Most people will skip the comments.

Click "Save."

Visual demonstrating Current Workflow Step details, comments and save button

Select "Update Tactic 1" in this example. 

Visual demonstrating Update Tactic 1

Click on the current "Status" that Tactic 1 should be in: 

Visual demonstrating the current status of Tactic 1

Click "Save" and you're finished. 

Visual demonstrating save button for current workflow step in update Tactic 1

Tip: You may go forward or backward on status. Sometimes we learn more on what will and won't work, so you can take your strategy or tactic back to an earlier status. 

Visual demonstrating the Strategic Planning Initiative dashboard view

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Additional resources


Classes and open labs are scheduled periodically. To sign up, log into myWSU and select myTraining. Find classes by searching for "Strategic Planning."

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Learn more about the terms used in the strategic plan dashboard. 

View the glossary


Use this to assist in entering initiatives into the dashboard. (1 sheet, 41KB xlsx)

Download the worksheet


View reports on the SPI dashboard.

View reports

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