COVID-19 Academic Advising FAQ

Wichita State University is focused on restricting on-campus visitations and limited operations to promote social distancing practices due to the ongoing concerns of COVID-19. Keeping our students, faculty and staff safe remains our top priority. Our staff members will be working remotely to offer virtual programs and services and we remain committed to helping students access services and resources.
Please see below for FAQ regarding the offering of Academic Advising and resources in response to COVID-19
Can I still meet with my academic advisor if no classes are in session?

Yes, all advising offices will continue to hold appointments. Appointments will take place primarily over the phone.

Some advising offices will be using other forms of meeting, including chat or video appointments. Please confirm with your advising area before your appointment as to which format will be used.

How do I schedule an appointment with my academic advisor?

You can schedule an appointment with your academic advisor online through your myWSU portal.  For step by step directions, please click here.

You are also able to call your advising office and schedule an appointment over the phone.

College of Health Professions

(316) 978-3304 option 2


Frank Barton School of Business

(316) 978-3203 option 2


College of Applied Studies

(316) 978-3300 option 2


Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

(316) 978-3700 option 2


College of Fine Arts

(316) 978-6634 option 2


College of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering
316.978.2820 option 2

Biomedical Engineering
316.978.2821 option 2

Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, & Computer Science
316.978.2822 option 2 

Engineering Technology and Applied Computing
316.978.2823 option 2

Industrial Engineering and Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering
316.978.2826 option 2

Mechanical Engineering
316.978.2825 option 2

Undecided Engineering
316.978.3420 option 2


Office of Online Learning

(316) 978-7757




First-Year Advising

(316) 978-3909


Will I still have a full advising appointment, even if it’s not in person?

Yes, appointments will be scheduled for 30 minutes or 1 hour, depending on the needs of your appointment. If additional time is needed, a follow up appointment can be scheduled as well.

When does registration begin for the Summer and Fall 2020 semesters?

Registration will begin for the Summer and Fall 2020 semesters on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Registration will open as follows:

           Monday, April 6th at 7:00 a.m. – Seniors and Honors Students

           Tuesday, April 7th at 12:01 a.m. – Juniors

           Wednesday, April 8th at 12:01 a.m. – Sophomores

           Thursday, April 9th at 12:01 a.m. - Freshman

Do I have to meet with an academic advisor before I register in classes?

First-Year Advising
All new incoming domestic freshmen students (straight from high school) will work with a First-Year Advisor at OneStop.

 March 1-July 31:
After completing the Orientation Registration and Enrollment Questionnaire, a First-Year Advisor will build a schedule based on the answers you provide. You will receive an email instructing you to log in to your myWSU portal to accept the schedule or deny it and request your First-Year Advisor contact you for possible changes. You will have two (2) weeks to complete this enrollment step. Once accepted, you are officially enrolled in classes and financially responsible for them. Your second semester you will have an advising appointment with your First-Year Advisor to enroll for classes and prepare for your upcoming semester.

August 1-February 28:
After completing the Orientation Registration, you will need to work directly with your First-Year Advisor to complete the enrollment process.


Barton School of Business

  • First semester transfer students new to WSU
  • Students who need authorization to enroll in MGMT 681 can request permission with this form or meet with an academic advisor
  • Current non-degree WSU students who have been admitted into a degree-bound program

Note: Business students who have not completed the Advance Standing Exams will have a hold and will not be able to enroll until these are completed.


College of Applied Studies

  • First semester transfer students new to WSU
  • Current WSU students who have changed their major to Education
  • Current non-degree WSU students who have been admitted into a degree-bound program
  • Pre-Education majors who have less than 48 hours and less than a 2.0 GPA

College of Engineering

  • All students

College of Fine Arts

  • All students

College of Health Professions

  • All freshman and sophomores
  • First semester transfer students new to WSU
  • Current non-degree WSU students who have been admitted into a degree-bound program
  • Undecided Health Professions students

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • First semester transfer students new to WSU
  • Current non-degree WSU students who have been admitted into a degree-bound program
  • Undecided Liberal Arts and Sciences students

Honors College

At least once per year, you should meet with your Honors advisor, and especially as questions arise regarding your Honors curriculum. Honors advising is a supplement to advising with your major. to set up an appointment.  



 How do I access the course schedule online?

The Wichita State University schedule of courses, can be viewed online at


How do I add or drop classes online?

If you do not have active holds on your account preventing registration, and you have met your possible advising requirement for the semester, you can add or drop classes through Banner 9 Self Service available in your myWSU portal.

 For step by step instructions of how to add classes online click here

 For step by step instructions of how to drop classes online click here

What do I need to do if I get errors in the registration system?

Please click here for some troubleshooting help if you are having issues with the registration system.

How do I access or run my Degree Audit?
 You are able to access your Degree Works Audit through your myWSU portal. For step by step directions of how to run your Degree Audit click here.
When will in-person classes resume?
For the fall semester, students will return to campus as part of a phased reopening. TCI (traditional classroom instruction) classes will be changed to HYB (hybrid). HYB might include limited in-person instruction, some synchronous online engagement (with participants meeting at the same time), and / or asynchronous content delivery (with participants engaging the materials independently).
What is the best way to stay connected and make sure I am getting current information?  
The best way to stay connected to any university information to check your Wichita State student email regularly.