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Prepare for Leadership Positions with a Flexible Degree

The Workforce Leadership and Applied Learning degree prepares students to work in a range of relationship-focused careers in which their leadership skills can positively contribute to both professional and interpersonal interactions.

You may find the degree valuable if you are interested in showing your ability to manage professional relationships through motivational strategies, conflict management, time management, emotional intelligence, in collaborative working environments, including: not-for-profits, manufacturing, governmental agencies, human services organizations, and emergency services.


Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BAS) in Workforce Leadership & Applied Learning

The top 5 soft skills companies need most in the coming year include creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and time management. The Workforce Leadership and Applied Learning degree provides students the chance to learn, grow, develop, and apply these professional skills through on-the-job training.

About the Program

Program Description

 The Bachelor of Applied Sciences Workforce Leadership and Applied Learning (BAS WLAL) degree program is a flexible degree focused on applied learning and workforce education integration. The BAS-WLAL is 120 credit hour undergraduate degree. Students will have the opportunity to customize their individualized track in consultation with their program advisor. A cornerstone of this degree will be the requirement for students to complete 21 credit hours of experiential learning experiences, which may include paid apprenticeships, internships, clinical rotations, and/or practica and focus on occupational outcomes, such as job and degree integration responding to industry and workforce demands. 

The BAS-WLAL degree is an applied degree with the goal of preparing students for a range of career options using the more traditional four-year degree path or through collaborative paths with community colleges and technical schools.

Admission Requirements

Prospective WSU students:

  1. Please click here to complete the online admission application. 

Current WSU students: 

  1. WSU students with a 2.00 GPA can change their major to Workforce Leadership & Applied Learning through the myWSU portal (Home tab > Student Tools > Change My Major /Minor).
  2. Student are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the program. To schedule an advising appointment, please contact the College of Applied Studies Advising Center at (316) 978-3300, option 2.
Degree Plans

Graduation requirements include:
-General Education:                                                      36 hours
-Electives                                                                          6 hours
-Applied Learning:                                                        21 hours
-Core Competencies:                                                   21 hours
    Foundations of Workforce Leadership       (3)
    Inclusive Excellence                                      (6)
   Creativity and Development                          (6)
   Leadership Communication                          (6)
-Technical Specialization                                             36 hours 
     Education and Innovation
    Emergency and Public Services 
    Hospitality Management

Students will have the opportunity to customize their degree plan in consultation with their program advisor.

To discuss your individual degree plan, please contact Tierney Mount at or (316) 978-3300, option 2. 


Tuition and Fees
Learn more about tuition and fees at Wichita State. 

Students enrolled in the Workforce Leadership and Applied Learning program will be assessed a $500 fee each Fall and Spring semester.

Tuition Discount Programs
WSU offers tuition discounts for out-of-state students paying nonresident tuition. Find out more about tuition discounts at WSU. 

WSU Merit Scholarships
Students admitted to WSU are automatically considered for merit scholarships. Merit scholarships are awarded to both incoming freshman and transfer students. Learn more about merit scholarships at WSU. 

College of Applied Studies Scholarships
Both prospective and current majors are eligible for scholarships through the College of Applied Studies. Only one application is necessary to apply for all scholarships available to students in the College of Applied Studies. Complete the College of Applied Studies Scholarship Application.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating with a Workforce Leadership and Applied Learning degree will be prepared to work a variety of industries and occupations, such as:

-Training and Development Specialist                        -Organizational Effectiveness professional
-Supervisor/Manager                                                    -Organizational Development professional
-Retail Manager                                                              -Organizational Leader/Executive
-Consultant                                                                     -Trainer/Learning Specialist


Wichita State’s minor in workforce leadership equips students with foundational knowledge for diverse leadership roles in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The minor is a valuable addition for a wide range of majors and careers.

 For more information on minoring in Workforce Leadership, please contact Tierney Mount at or (316) 978-3300, option 2. Or, contact your academic advisor.

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