Transfer Equivalency

Do you have questions about how credits earned at another institution will transfer to your WSU degree? To have your academic credits transferred, you are required to submit all transcripts from each institution attended. You are advised to bring a student copy of all of your transcripts with you to your advising appointment to ensure accurate placement in courses.

Advanced Placement Credit

If you are bringing academic credit with you as a result of AP credits, you will need to let your advisor know so you can be placed in the appropriate courses.

Financial Aid

If you have not filed your FAFSA, or you have additional questions about where you are in the process, call (316) 978-3430.

Creating a myWSU Password

Your student account on myWSU is where you will access important information regarding your records. If you have already placed a reservation for orientation, use the password you created to access this information. If you have not yet created your password, visit for instructions and more information. Your academic advisor will expect you to know your ID number and password to enroll.

Checking Holds on Your Account

If you need to find out if you have a hold on your account, login to myWSU. Go to the My Classes tab, locate Registration Tools and click on Registration Status. At the bottom of that page, click on View Holds to see what type of hold is on your account and where to go for information on how to clear the hold.

How many courses should I take in my first year?

While there is no set amount of classes you are required to take your first year, it is important to keep in mind how your enrollment will affect financial aid. 12 credit hours is considered full-time enrollment and all students are required to complete approximately 124 hours to graduate.

If you plan to graduate in four years, you need to "think 30." By enrolling in 30 credit hours, or 10 classes on average, throughout each academic year (fall, spring, summer and / or short-term classes), you are more likely to graduate in a timely manner

How and when will I register for my first semester of classes?  How do I get an advisor?

Freshmen: after completing your RSVP for orientation, your first semester’s schedule will be built by a first-year advisor. You will be notified to confirm your schedule through your myWSU student portal. If you have questions, or would like to make changes, you can contact OneStop anytime.

Transfer / Adult Learners: after signing up for orientation, you will need to contact your advising center to schedule an appointment with an advisor. Schedules can be made prior to or following attending your orientation program.

What academic support is available for students?

Private tutoring, subject specific tutoring centers, and supplimental instruction are just some of the resources available for students. Click Here to learn more about our academic success programs through the Office of Student Success.

How do I find the books for my classes?

Textbooks can be found in student's myWSU account. Under the "myClasses" tab there is a box called "myTextbooks" in the bottom right corner. Enter the semester and course registation number (CRN) for your classes and a list of the textbooks for your courses will appear.

I am a student with a disability.  How do I get accommodations at WSU?

Students with, and without, documented disabilities can contact the Office of Disability Services for more information on accommodations and other appropriate resources.