IT Self-Service

Submit a service request via Complete instructions on how to create a support ticket are found using this link.

Submit a password reset All labs have been moved to the AD domain, which requires the use of your WSU userid and password. You can reset your WSU passwords at

Note: Phone calls for tech support will not be acted upon unless it is an emergency. Verbal requests are too difficult to keep track of, and the “since you are here” technique is not an acceptable means of requesting support. Please respect that Ken and Carole are quite busy and need to prioritize each request.

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Login Information

Your user name and password are now the same credentials you use to log into MYWSU. Students are given a mandatory profile and cannot change desktop items, save to the desktop or install software.

Research Students

User accounts receive heightened permissions. If you are assigned a computer and you do not have these heightened permissions, please have your faculty advisor send a service request to Engineering Tech Support. We do not act on this type of request from students.

Network Storage

Previously, each user was allowed 1 GB of network storage space on their "P:" drive. This storage is no longer directly available.


Wichita State University uses a printing tool called PaperCut to handle print jobs on campus. Engineering is in the process of switching to this system. Currently, Experiential Engineering 328 is using PaperCut. To manage your account, visit

The price to print is $0.10 per page. You can add funds to your online account via the PaperCut web page.

Email Information

Email accounts are granted through University Computing and Telecommunications Services (UCATS). If you are experiencing problems with email, Blackboard, or your myWSU login please contact the UCATS Help Desk at 978-4357.