Majors and Minors


It’s easy to declare a major or minor in a world language. Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) may complete a major/minor declaration form through LAS Advising. Forms are also available from the MCLL undergraduate advisor or in the MCLL office, 305 Jardine. Students in other colleges who want to declare a language minor should obtain the appropriate form from their specific college.

Students should declare majors and minors no later than at the completion of 60 credit hours and complete their senior forms no later than at the completion of 90 credit hours.

We encourage students as they progress through their language degree program to establish an academic relationship with a faculty member in the language section of their choice. These professors can also provide invaluable advice on classes, study abroad, and future plans.

Language Availability and Program Requirement

If you wish to declare a major or a minor in Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, the following list takes you to the requirement information. Click on it for detailed information.

Spanish: Specialization | Minor

French: Specialization | Minor

German: Minor

Russian: Minor

Japanese: Minor

Japanese, Chinese, Russian: Certificate in Asian Studies