The Weekly Physics Chat is a forum for our graduate students and faculty to get together to discuss our common passion, physics. Faculty members and students will make presentations to the group during the academic year. The presentations will cover a broad range of topics from personal research, to a “deep dive” on a topic you’ve just begun to explore, and anything in between. The only real requirements are that you introduce a physics (or related) topic and make it accessible to the whole group.

  • Graduate students are expected to attend and participate in the chat on a regular basis.
  • Students enrolled in Research (PHYS809) should plan to present a reserach update during at the Weekly Chat. 
Spring 2020 Schedule
Meeting time:  Fridays at 3 pm in Jabara 021
Date Lead Topic
Feb 7 M. Muether/T. Figy Semester Wecome/Computing Resources/Thesis Schedule/Computing Tour 
Feb 28 Nathan Filbert Meeting with Library Specialist (Research techiniques)
TBD Lynn Buchele 3MT Practice


TBD Resources at the Experiential Engineering Builiding (3D printing?)


J. Folkerts Graduate Reserach Presentation
TBD Zak Elkarghli Graduate Reserach Presentation
TBD Sajib Halder Graduate Reserach Presentation

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For more information or to schedule a talk please contact Mathew Muether and Terrance Figy.