Lower-Division Courses

WOMS 140. Journal Writing (1). Workshop; acquaints students with the concept and practice of journal writing. Readings deal with specific themes (work, family, relationships) and students are required to keep a daily journal. Course provides an intense journal writing experience for those enrolled and encourages students to continue the practice on their own. Graded Cr/NCr.

WOMS 141. Women’s Sexuality (1). Presents information on women’s sexuality from physiological, psychological, and socio-cultural perspectives. This integrated view focuses on women’s body images and perceptions of self as sexual beings, as well as on socialization and gender-role expectations, choices of sexual behavior, sexual dysfunction, and communication in sexual relationships.

WOMS 142. Domestic Violence (1). Deals with the roots of domestic violence embedded in family roles, legal systems, religious beliefs, and the psychology of women, children, and men. Also covers the consequences and prevention of family abuse. Includes discussion of literature and films.

WOMS 150. Workshops (1–2). Topics vary by semester.
Past topics have included assertion training (introductory
and advanced) and rape information and prevention.

WOMS 150C. Assertion Training for Women (1).
Workshop; teaches women to develop assertion skills. Considers some of the changing roles and values of women in our society today and how these create a need for women to be assertive in their professional and personal choices. Examines barriers that exist to assertive behavior and ways to overcome them. Graded Cr/NCr.

WOMS 150J. Sexual Assault Issues (1). Workshop:
Explores the cultural myths and stereotypes about sexual assault, the legal system, methods of self-protection, community resources providing help for victims, and other related issues. Primary focus is on education to not only prevent, but eradicate sexual assault.

WOMS 150M. Advanced Assertion Training (1).
For students who have taken WOMS 150C. Applies assertion principles and behaviors to specific topics such as employment, male-female relations, sexuality, parent-child relations, and organized group activity. Prerequisite: WOMS 150C.

WOMS 180. Special Topics (1–3). Topics vary by semester.

WOMS 190. Women in Popular Culture (3). General education introductory course. Examines how women of various races, classes, and ethnicities are represented in a wide variety of popular media. Encourages the critical analysis of why and how these popular representations are politically and socially significant in shaping society’s perceptions of women. Also explores women’s popular genres.

WOMS 240. Ethnic Women in America (3). Crosslisted as ETHS 240.

>WOMS 287. Women in Society: Social Issues (3). General education introductory course. Examines women’s efforts to claim their identities from historical, legal, and social perspectives. Includes recent laws relating to women; contemporary issues (such as rape, day care, working women, the future of marriage); agencies for change, theories of social change, and the relationship of women’s rights to human rights.