Graduate Application - Degree Bound or Nondegree Bound

One of the most asked questions from applicants is whether they should apply for a degree bound or a nondegree bound status, and if nondegree, which nondegree status? Read on for an explanation.

Degree Bound

As the name implies, you would select this option if the intent is to pursue a graduate degree (master's, specialist, or doctorate). Students applying for degree bound status must submit all required materials as detailed below:

1. Application for Admission
2. Non-refundable Application fee
3. Official Transcripts from all schools previously attended
4. Any departmental materials that might be required.

Note: The above must be submitted prior to the published deadline for the chosen program and semester of application.

Nondegree Bound

There are several nondegree seeking categories at the graduate level, so you'll need to determine which category is the right one for your goals. Each category has different admission requirements, and enrollment restrictions may apply to some of the categories. Note - students admitted to nondegree seeking statuses are NOT eligible for federal financial aid. These categories are only available to international applicants who do not require F-1 or J-1 status.

Nondegree Category A (includes graduate certificates)

This category is a non-restrictive category, which, means students enrolled in this category can take the same level of courses as those in degree-bound status - so, any course for which the student has the prerequisites, and/or departmental consent (if required). Students interested in pursuing only a certificate program would want to be admitted to this category.

Admission consideration requires the same materials to be submitted as for the degree bound status, unless the applicant has earned an Masters or higher degree from a regionally-accredited institution or equivalent overseas institution. If the higher degree has been earned, then the applicant need only submit the Application, fee, and official transcripts reflecting the award of the Masters or higher degree.

Nondegree Category B

This category is a restrictive category, meaning those in this category can only take courses numbered 799 and below for which he or she has the prerequisites and/or departmental consent (if required). This category is often used for students who are seeking to renew their teaching certification.

Admission consideration requires:

1. Application for admission
2. Non-refundable Application fee
3. Official transcripts reflecting the award of your bachelors degree OR proof of teaching licensure. If you are licensed in the State of Kansas and provide our office with your SSN or Teacher ID, we will look up that information in the Certification database. If you are licensed in another state, please provide a photocopy of your license, or official transcripts reflecting the award of your bachelor's degree.

Graduate Guest Status

This status is for students working on a graduate degree at another US institution who wish to take courses for ONE SEMESTER at Wichita State University to transfer back to their home institution. The status is available for one semester only, and admits the student into a category that is non-restrictive, meaning a student in this category could take any graduate level course for which he or she had the prerequisites, and/or departmental approval (if required).

Admission consideration requires:

1. Application for admission
2. Non-refundable Application fee
3. A letter from your home graduate school certifying your standing in a graduate program at that institution.