Undergraduate Leadership Certificate


Upon completion of the Leadership Certificate, students will have gained contemporary leadership skills in order to effectively contribute more to their profession and community.


Upon completion of the leadership certificate, students are able to:

  1. Identify leadership theories and concepts;
  2. Differentiate leadership practices across settings, organizations, disciplines and systems;
  3. Identify cultural strengths and differences through a leadership framework;
  4. Develop leadership skills based on personal strengths and professional interests; and
  5. Lead individuals in teamwork exercises.


Students are required to complete 12 hours, and must take courses that cover objectives 1–5. These courses may include courses required for certain undergraduate degrees. However, either ID 301, Leadership is Essential Seminar; or HNRS 351, Survey of Leadership; is required to satisfy objective one. Additionally, honors students must select courses designated as honors courses. Some courses meet multiple objectives.

Leadership Certificate Checklist

In order for students to receive the leadership certificate, students must:

  1. Complete 12 hours of leadership courses:
    • Course #1: ID 301, Leadership is Essential Seminar. Honors students take HNRS 351, Survey of Leadership
    • Course #2*
    • Course #3*
    • Course #4*
    • *Courses must meet Objectives 2 - 5.
  2. Submit a portfolio (of selected class projects) to coordinator to be used for assessment purposes.
  3. Complete exit reflection questions:
    • What were the main benefits (strengths) of the leadership certificate?
    • What strengths did you gain from the program?
    • What would you tell others about your experience?
    • How do you plan to use the skills learned in the leadership certificate in your future?
    • How would you improve the leadership certificate program?
  4. Watch video to learn more about the portfolio and exit reflection. Watch video here.

To submit your portfolio and exit reflection, you must be added to the Blackboard Leadership Certificate Organization. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs (978-3010) or email janis.hudson@wichita.edu to be added to the Blackboard Leadership Certificate Organization.