Summer classes at Wichita State are a great option whether you are a WSU student or from another college. With four sessions in a variety of class formats, you can reduce your fall workload without giving up your summer. Enrolling now!

Why take Summer Classes?

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Reduce your fall courseload while staying on track to graduate.


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Flexible two-, four- and eight-week sessions and hundreds of on-campus and online courses.


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Be better prepared to graduate in four years and start your career sooner.


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You can use financial aid* to pay for classes — plus parking is free!

* Some exclusions apply; Go to the summer financial aid page for details.

For Summer 2019 we've expanded the number of course offerings to allow more students to benefit. Explore some of the options below.


Wichita State offers nearly 150 summer courses that satisfy WSU and Kansas Board of Regents Gen Ed requirements. Go to the summer course search engine and use the Attributes field to search for Gen Ed courses in your area of study.

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WSU's College of Applied Studies offers 130 courses for Summer 2019, including:

Introduction to Educational Statistics (CESP 704)

June 3-July 26 (online)

Introduces statistics, including measures of central tendency, measures of variability, correlation, chi square, t-test, correlated t-test, one-way, two-way analysis of variance and simple regression.

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WSU's Barton School of Business offers 64 courses for Summer 2019, including:

Financial Management I (FIN 340) • New for Summer 2019

MTWR June 3-29 (in person) or June 3-July 26 (online)

This course, available in person or online, studies corporate organization, types of securities and types of financial institutions. Includes analysis of risk and rates of return and long-term investment decisions. Prerequisites: ACCT 210, junior standing, advanced standing.

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WSU's College of Engineering offers 72 courses for Summer 2019, including:

Cybersecurity Awareness (ENGT 121) • New for Summer 2019

MTWRF June 3-29 (in person)

The ability to secure information within a modern enterprise is a growing challenge. Threats to information security are global, persistent, and increasingly sophisticated. Effective information security at all levels requires participation, planning, and practice. It is an ongoing effort that requires all participants to work together from the same script. Fortunately, the information security community has developed a variety of resources, methods, and best practices to help modern enterprises address the challenge. Unfortunately, employing these tools demands a high degree of commitment, understanding, and skill—attributes that must be sustained through constant awareness and training. This course is designed to teach all functional levels within the enterprise to deliver information system security. To this end, the course addresses a range of topics, each of which is vital to securing the modern enterprise. These topics include inter alia plans and policies, enterprise roles, security metrics, risk management, standards and regulations, physical security, and business continuity. Each piece of the puzzle must be in place for the enterprise to achieve its security goals; adversaries will invariably find and exploit weak links.

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WSU's Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 233 courses for Summer 2019, including:

Magic, Witchcraft and Religion (ANTH 327 or REL 327)

June 3-July 26 (online)

Online class examines various concepts concerning the realm of the supernatural as held by various peoples around the world. Relates such religious beliefs and the resultant practices to the larger patterns of cultural beliefs and behaviors.

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WSU's College of Fine Arts offers 55 courses for Summer 2019, including:

Music Theatre Production Class (THEA 590)

MTWRF July 1-26

This class will be offered to assist Middle School and High School Teachers (both public and private) who may may need help in planning the technical elements of theatre production. The class would include both theoretical and practical approaches to producing on a budget.

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WSU's College of Health Professions offers 94 courses for Summer 2019, including:

Impact of Disease of Global Events (HP 430) • New for Summer 2019

June 3-July 26 (online)

General education math and natural sciences advanced issues and perspectives course. This online course is designed to provide a background for discussions of pathological determinants/trends that influence events in history including those involving emerging and re-emerging diseases.

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WSU's Cohen Honors College offers 5 courses for Summer 2019, including:

Philosophy of Space Exploration (HNRS 305R)

June 3-July 26

General education humanities and fine arts advanced issues and perspectives course. Explores a number of issues related to the philosophy, ethics and policy of space exploration. Begins with foundational questions: Are expenditures on spaceflight ethically justifiable? What varieties of missions should be prioritized? Moves to issues pertaining to environmentalism in space, using discussions of theories of natural value to address issues such as orbital debris, planetary protection and terraforming. Examines issues related to near-term space policy, including legal and ethical issues raised by commercial space development and by space resource exploitation (e.g., asteroid mining and lunar mining). Reading list and topics vary based on class interests.

Not a member of the Cohen Honors College? No problem. Any WSU student can take one Honors seminar course without being admitted to the Honors College. Complete the Honors Seminar course permission form.

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