University and Specialty Accreditation

Wichita State University has held regional accreditation since 1927 from the Higher Learning Commission. The university will undergo its next comprehensive evaluation during the 2026-2027 academic year. Additionally, several WSU programs hold specialty accreditation. The accreditation status of those programs can be found online ( or in information published by the accredited programs. In some cases regional and specialty accreditation status is required by some programs for its graduates to sit for certification examinations and/or to obtain a license and/or a registration. Regional accreditation by The Higher Learning Commission does not constitute specialty accreditation for individual programs.

Speciality Accreditation Process & Timeline

Speciality Accreditation Reports

2019 Accreditation Report (current)

2018 Accreditation Report

2017 Accreditation Report

2016 Accreditation Report

2015 Accreditation Report

2014 Accreditation Report

2013 Accreditation Report

2012 Accreditation Report

2011 Accreditation Report