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Transferring from Wichita State University to another U.S. institution

Have you been admitted to a new school and wish to transfer your SEVIS record? Please read the following information and then contact us if you have questions or concerns. When choosing a new school, please consider the following.

Transfer-Out Documents:

To have your SEVIS record (I-20) transferred to a new school, you must submit two documents to International Student Services (ISS) in the Garvey International Center:

  1. A completed Transfer Out – SEVIS Release form. All fields of the transfer-out form must be filled in. Failure to provide the required information means your SEVIS record will not be transferred.
  2. Proof of your admission to the new school. In most cases, the student submits a copy of their admission letter as proof of admission. Occasionally, the transfer-in school will contact ISS directly to confirm admission.

The transfer-out documents may be submitted in person, fax (316-978-3777) or email iss@wichita.edu

Other Documents:
The transfer-in school may have forms that require completion by an international student advisor/DSO at WSU. The forms will be completed and returned to the transfer-in school per the instructions on the forms.

Things to remember when transferring:


  • Any remaining work authorization is canceled once your SEVIS record is transferred to the new school. This includes; Optional Practical Training (OPT), Curricular Practical Training (CPT), and Severe Economic Hardship (SEH).
  • An F-1 student is allowed to work at the school maintaining his or her SEVIS record. As soon as you transfer out of WSU, you must stop working on the WSU campus.


  • If you have pre-enrolled at WSU for an upcoming semester, be sure to drop those classes. Enrollment is a financial obligation and you will be required to pay tuition even if you are not physically present in the classes.
  • You must begin your studies at the new school within five months of the last day you attended classes at WSU or in the new school's next available term, whichever comes sooner.