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Financial Support Documentation

IMPORTANT: All documents must be dated or revalidated within the last six months and may be in any currency. If not in English, the documents must be accompanied by a translation containing the stamp or seal of an official translator.

Bank Documents or Money Market Accounts All bank documents must be on bank letterhead. The name of the person listed on the bank document must match the name of your sponsor in Part D of the Certification of Financial Support.
Fixed Term Deposits, CDs, or Bonds Must have a letter or statement showing the value and maturity date. The maturity date must be before the student begins study.
Scholarships and Government Sponsorship Documents may be a photocopy or original. If bringing a spouse or children, the letter must indicate dependents are covered.
Employer or Company Sponsorship A letter on company letterhead indicating sponsorship of the student. The person signing the letter must also sign in Part D of the Certification of Financial Support. The letter must be accompanied by a bank statement from the company's bank account.
Educational Loans The loan paperwork from your bank must list the maximum amount of the loan. Wichita State University does not provide educational loans.
Retirement Accounts Only accepted with evidence of the amount of funds. Evidence must also indicate that funds are currently eligible to be withdrawn.
Line of Credit Accepted on a case-by-case basis
Graduate Assistantships If you are awarded an assistantship, please have your supervisor complete the Employment Verification Form.
Stock, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, or Personal Property Valuations Not Accepted

Complete a Certification of Financial Support