TB Testing, Vaccinations, and Routine Medical Care

Wichita State University requires all students to be screened for tuberculosis (TB). For most international students, TB testing will be done using a Quantiferon blood test (QFT). The cost of testing is:

  • US$80 for the QFT blood test
  • US$50 for a chest x-ray (if the QFT is positive).

You will be required to pay the $80 when you receive your TB test. Most international students purchase medical insurance through Wichita State University. If you buy medical insurance through the University, you will get a refund of the US$80 approximately two months after being tested using standard university refund processing. If you have insurance from a different company, you will be given a receipt which can be filed with your own medical insurance company. That insurance company will determine if the cost for the QFT blood test can be reimbursed.

For additional information about the TB Testing requirement for students at Wichita State University, please visit Student Health Services.

You are not required to get a medical check-up before coming to the U.S. You are also not required to get any particular vaccines (unless you live in one of the residence halls). We do recommend, however, that you receive whatever routine medical care that you feel is important before coming to the U.S. If you have a previous medical condition that requires continued treatment in Wichita, we recommend that you bring a copy of your medical records with you.

If you plan to live in one of Wichita State University’s residence halls, you must be vaccinated for meningitis. We recommend that you get the meningitis vaccine before coming to the U.S. If you get the vaccine in your country, you must bring proof of your vaccination with you to the U.S. If desired, you may get the meningitis vaccine from Student Health Services. If you purchase medical insurance through WSU, you will not be charged for the vaccine.