Major: Undecided
Nicknames: TJ

What is something unique about you?
I always want to continue to get better and trust the process of life.

Why did you choose Wichita State?
I chose WSU based off of the bowling team but also the variety of majors.

What are plans after graduation?
Have a job were I can travel and be able to bowl on tour.

What gets you pumped to bowl?
Just the escape from life I feel every time I pick up a ball.


Bowling Accomplishments

Number of Years Bowling: 10
High Game: 300 (5)
High Series: 800 (3)

Top Bowling Accomplishments

5 Eagles in Western U.S. Youth Open - 2013
$10,000 ABT Nationals  - 2018
3rd Place- Junior Gold u15 - 2017
JBT Las Vegas Open Champion - 2012
Junior Gold Record of not finishing lower than 33 in all 6 of the Junior Gold's I competed in - 2014-2019


Bowling Center: South Point Bowling Center, Las Vegas, NV
Dessert: Oreo Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory
Food: French Fries 
Vacation Spot: Monte Carlo, Sydney Australia, Singapore
Professional Sports Team: Oakland Raiders, Miami Heat, Vegas Golden Knights, Ohio State Buckeyes Football
Professional Athlete: Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan
Movie: Moneyball, Avengers Endgame
TV Show: The Flash
Book or Author: Stan Lee
Song: A Boogie - Drowning
Quote: “Talent is god-given, be grateful. Fame is not a given, be humble and conceited is self-driven, drive carefully." -Lil Wayne
Ice Cream Flavor: Oreo
Fast Food: Canes
Restaurant: Chicken Shack - Las Vegas
Retail Store: Nike
Super Hero: The Flash, Spiderman