PI Name


Award Amount

Small Drinking Water System Program: Round 4: Wichita State University (WSU): Training and Technical Assistance to Small Public Water Systems University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Angela Buzard Hws of Urban & Public Affairs $180,000
High Performance Computing at Low (Room) Temperature Cybertron International, Inc. Asaduzzaman A Electrical & Computer Engineering $6,080
Kansas Museums Association - Association Management Proposal Kansas Museums Association Misty Bruckner College of Liberal Arts & Sciences $23,819
Sustainable Materials Management Endeavor Program Environmental Protection Agency Angela Buzard Hws of Urban & Public Affairs $25,000
High School Faculty Awareness of Post-Concussion Return-to-Learn Policies State of Kansas Richard Bomgardner Dept of Human Performance $4,500
Kansas Procurement Technical Assistance Center Defense Logistics Agency Teresa Bennett Research Administration $429,954
Investigating the Dielectric Elastomer Artificial Muscle for Exoskeleton Application State of Kansas Zheng Chen Electrical & Computer Engr $7,500
Study of Neurotransmission on a Microfluidic Platform State of Kansas Maojun Gong Chemistry $4,500
The Role and Impact of Interagency Collaboration on Educational Outcomes of Students with EBD: Perspectives from Teachers and Administrators State of Kansas Heidi Cornell Curriculum & Instruction & 2nd Educ $4,478
Factors Limiting Recruitment in Platte Thistle (Cirsium canescens) Populations at the Species' Range Edge. State of Kansas Francis Russell Biological Sciences $4,410
Development of Orofacial EMG Mouthpiece State of Kansas


Dept of Human Performance $7,500
Uncertainty Quantification of the Interface Effects in Nanocomposites State of Kansas Yumeng Li Mechanical Engineering $4,500
FSH glycoform assay development - Year 2 GlycoFormA, Ltd. George Bousfield Biological Sciences $499,968
First Amendment to Service Agreement Kansas Government Finance Officers Association Samuel Brown College of Liberal Arts & Sciences $26,514
Metamaterial-Enhanced Magnetic Materials and Their Applications National University of Singapore (NUS) Hyuck Kwon Electrical & Computer Engr $25,000
VISTA Site MOU- Morning Star Morningstar Inc Scott Wituk Research and Tech Transfer $4,000
Competitive Benchmark of 6 WiFi Cameras - HOME ACCT Honeywell International Inc Barbara Chaparro College of Liberal Arts & Sciences $24,500
KHF - 2017 National Conference Travel Reimbursement - HOME ACCT Kansas Health Foundation Scott Wituk Research and Tech Transfer $2,325
Long-term Curation of Reclamation-Controlled Collections - Modification #5 Bureau of Reclamation Peer Moore-Jansen Anthropology $19,632
Kansas Engineering Training Grant (Year 5) Kansas Department of Commerce Royce Bowden Engineering Dean's Office $3,150,000