Regional Journalism Collaboration: Kansas RJC Curators of Univ of MO on behalf of Univ of Missouri-KC Fraser Debra RES Academic Affairs (College)  $    95,245.92
Mindfulness, intersubjectivity, and empathic affinith in speech-language pathology counseling discourses (URCA) State of Kansas Latavietz Beatrice Education Dean's Office  $      4,500.00
Interaction and Engagement in Online Learning Environment (URCA) State of Kansas Byun Jaehwan Curriculum & Instruction & 2nd Educ  $      4,498.00
Design and Fabrication of a Micro Communication Device for Biosensing (MURPA) State of Kansas Eslami Ali Electrical & Computer Engr  $      7,500.00
Real-Time Traffic Condition Perception by Using a Dual-Sensor Thermal Imager for Assistive and Autonomous Driving (URCA) State of Kansas He Hongsheng Electrical & Computer Engr  $      4,500.00
Adaptive Leadership in the Arts (URCA) State of Kansas Sternfeld-Dunn Aleksander School of Music  $      4,500.00
Assessing Health Literacy and Stroke Symptomatology in Older Adults (MURPA) State of Kansas Dusenbury Wendy School of Nursing  $      7,500.00
Technology Adoption in a Dental Hygiene Clinical Environment: A Pilot Study (URCA) State of Kansas Delacruz Natalie Dental Hygiene  $      4,500.00
A Biomaterial Neural Conduit For Nerve Regeneration (URCA) State of Kansas Yao Li Biological Sciences  $      4,500.00
Investigating Spread of Misinformation on the Web by Analyzing Online Sharing Behavior (MURPA) State of Kansas Menon Mythili English  $      7,500.00
RII Track-1: Microbiomes of Aquatic, Plant and Soil Systems (MAPS) mediating sustainability: An observational and experimental network across Kansas Unive of Kansas Ctr - Research INC Houseman Gregory Biological Sciences  $    68,648.00
Long-term Curation of Reclamation-Controlled Collections - Modification #7 Bureau of Reclamation Moore-Jansen Peer Anthropology  $     (2,371.09)
Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity (C-NAP) Center - P4 Component Kansas State University Ni Rui Psychology  $   218,991.00
Cognitive and Neurobiological Approaches to Plasticity (C-NAP) Center - R3 Component Kansas State University Ni Rui Psychology  $   183,686.00
K-INBRE Undergraduate Coordinator Office (UCO) - year 4 additional funding for equipment Univ of KS Medical Ctr Research Inst Inc Hendry William Biological Sciences  $    56,000.00
Usability in Police Mobile Computer Terminal Interface Design (URCA) State of Kansas Zahabi Maryam Psychology  $      4,500.00
Child Development Food Program Social and Rehabilitation Services Dasey-Morales Maureen VP-Diversity & Community Eng  $      1,157.29
Crash Sled System for the Experimental Development and Certification of Crashworthy Structures, Seats and Interiors that Improve Occupant Survivability for Air, Land and Sea Applications Office of Naval Research Olivares Gerardo NIAR-Crash Dynamics  $1,500,000.00
Kansas Self-Management Education Program Facilitation Kansas Academy of Family Physicians Wituk Scott Community Engagement Institute  $    12,000.00
Technical Assistance to Local Communities to Support 1422 Implementation, Chronic Disease Alliance of KS Support, Community Health Worker Technical Assistance, and Community Health Worker Symposium Dept of Health & Environment-Kansas Wituk Scott Community Engagement Institute  $   202,160.00
BHS Consumer Run Organization Administrative Support - Amendment 1 Kansas Department for Aging & Disability Services Wituk Scott Community Engagement Institute  $    54,000.00