WSU Microsoft Office Power User Certificate

ITS Applications Training is excited to announce a new training program for WSU Employees! Attend a suite of ITS led Microsoft Office trainings within one year and become a WSU Microsoft Office Power User. You will receive a certificate, a digital credential, your name listed on our website... and a lot of useful knowledge!



Become a WSU Microsoft Office Power User

How to Become a WSU Microsoft Office Power User

Attend the following sessions within one year:

  • Word Essentials
  • Outlook Essentials OR Outlook Advanced
  • PowerPoint Essentials
  • OneNote Essentials
  • Excel Essentials
  • Excel Pivot Tables, Charts and Pictures
  • Excel Advanced Formulas
Where can I sign up for sessions?

Sign up for sessions in myTraining in myWSU.

Digital Credential

Thanks to our industrious colleagues at Instructional Design and Access, there is now an official digital credential for WSU Microsoft Office Power Users!

What does this mean? If you become a WSU Microsoft Office Power User, one of these will be yours!

 Power User Digital Credential

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Microsoft Office Power Users


  • Tiffany Morgan
  • Matt Stiles
  • Lauren Wilson
  • Haley Underhill
  • Linda Steinacher
  • Carody Bryan
  • Julie Scott
  • Jacquelyn Johnston
  • Rosemary Hedrick
  • Meghan Simpson
  • Glenn Gunnels
  • Jeremy Webster
  • Tegan Perry
  • Amy Yonai
  • Chris Darnell
  • Brenda Achey
  • Jackie Boyles, Juanita Fonseca-Rodriguez, Krista Searle
  • Catherine Lawless
  • Taylor Moore
  • Freh Wuhib
  • New Office Power User
  • Julie Clinesmith
  • Julie Brin
  • Jessica Torres
  • Johny Buchanan-Spachek
  • Hannah Bates
  • Jesse Koza
  • Heather Merchant
  • Susie Jacques
  • Cindy Sharp
  • Lana Anthis
  • Susie Steinbach
  • Karen Rogers
  • Betsy Main
  • Sandy Parker
  • Ross Powell
  • Ellen Abbey
  • Angela Linder
  • Marissa Kouns
  • Alysa Janner
  • Corey Rogers
  • Jania Kistler
  • LaMar Brown
  • Jennifer Anozie
  • Angela Lentino
  • Laurie Solberg
  • MD Gofur
  • Jeanne Patton
  • Jessica Walles
  • Beth Uhler
  • Linda Manfull
  • Kayla Cunningham
  • Amy Becker Amend
  • Joe Dealy
  • Celia Calvin
  • Jake Seymore
  • Rosa Palacio
  • Grant Seymour
  • Rebeca Serrano
  • Anne Marie Brown
  • Nelson Ross
  • Douglas Parham
  • Stephanie Teasley
  • Trenton Williams
  • Johanna Hutmacher
  • Cynorra Jackson
  • Stacia Lyday
  • Justin Petersen
  • Kyle Wilson
  • Frederick Eilts
  • Maria Thompson
  • Kim Bailey
  • Teri Robertson
  • Janet Wentz
  • Lisa Clancy
  • Michelle Cauthon
  • Wendy Holt
  • Carla Mann
  • Zachary Brown
  • Clarice Maseberg
  • Em Kribs
  • Lee Ann Birdwell
  • Chris Cavanaugh
  • Lori Blizzard
  • Sara Baldwin
  • Cassie Kroeker
  • Janet Jensen