WSUWeSupportU is the university suicide prevention campaign. The campaign began in 2014 after the Counseling and Testing Center was awarded the Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Suicide Prevention Grant! Since the start of the grant the Wichita State University has expanded its support to help students get connected to other resources and information to assist in their retention and academic success! With origins in suicide prevention, this site contains helpful information on everything from getting involved to financial aid.


Suicide Prevention Information and Resources

1. Take a look at our We Support U video series. Learn helpful information like "How do I talk to a friend?", "What are the warning signs of suicide?", and "How do we reduce the stigma?".

2. Know the warning signs of suicide. Knowing the warning suicide of suicide can help save a life!

3. Know that it is OK to talk about suicide and assess for someone's safety. Just because you mention suicide or ask if someone is experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings does not mean you will put the thought in their head! Click here to learn more about how to have this hard discussions and assess for safety.

3. Know the crises numbers and resources. There are a variety of local and national crises resources available 24/7!

4. Attend one of the Counseling and Testing Centers Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper trainings. Go to to learn more about their three suicide prevention trainings and how to sign up today!