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The Cadman Art Gallery

A note from our staff

The Cadman Art Gallery will continue to have its doors open through the fall semester of 2020. In line with state, county and university policies and procedures we ask that visitors wear their masks at all times and maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and other visitors.

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Art at the center of campus

The Wilson K. Cadman Art Gallery is located on the first floor of the Rhatigan Student Center and serves as an exhibition space to artists. The gallery showcases annual competitions, rotating student exhibits and alternating features in the outer display. The gallery consists of two spaces, the main gallery and the Looking Glass.

Students, of any major, are encouraged to apply to exhibit in the Cadman. This teaching space offers students the opportunity to design, curate and market their own shows. If you are interested in an experience like this, apply and become a Cadman Art Gallery Exhibitor.



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Current Exhibits

Cadman Art Gallery exhibits are selected each semester by a panel of Wichita State students, faculty and staff. Fall and spring exhibits may each feature up to 16 exhibits in the Main Gallery and the Looking Glass. View the schedule for current exhibits at the link below.

Artist Tools

Taking place in the fall semester, Elements showcases the works of many talented Shockers in the Cadman Art Gallery. Students wishing to participate may submit up to six pieces in any of the five categories offered. Cash prizes are given to first and second place winners in each of the categories in addition to Best of Show and Viewers Choice.



This juried photography competition welcomes submissions in the categories of digital, analogue and photo manipulation. Students wishing to participate may submit up to six works  in any of the three categories offered. Cash prizes are given to first and second place winners in each of the categories in addition to Best of Show and Viewers Choice.

 Available February 2021

About Us

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The Mission of the Wilson K. Cadman Art Gallery (The Cadman) is to promote understanding of visual art to the community while providing the students of Wichita State University a place to display their creative efforts and give them professional experience in organizing, curating and marketing an exhibition of their work.

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Who is Wilson?

Wilson K. Cadman (1927-2016) was an involved student leader who graduated in 1950 with a degree in industrial psychology. He attended WSU on the GI Bill and while on campus met his wife Roslyn Rowley. The Cadman Family have supported WSU in many ways, the most significant being the contribution he and his wife, Roslyn, made to the renovation of the Rhatigan Student Center.

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Where is the Cadman?

The Cadman Art Gallery is located at the heart of campus in the Rhatigan Student Center. Situated at the center of the RSC, on the 1st floor, the Cadman offers an art exploration experience for hundreds of students, faculty, staff and guests.

Want to visit? Find your way around campus by using the interactive campus map. This map is multi layered and allows you to discover all the art campus has to offer.

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Art on campus

The Cadman Art Gallery is a small portion of what Wichita State has to offer. From an award winning outdoor sculpture collection to student performances on the stage, there is something for everyone.

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