Provost's Office Staff

Dr. Richard MumaDr. Richard Muma, WSU Provost
Executive Vice President & Provost

T: (316) 978-3010

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Dr. Linnea GlenMaye Dr. Linnea GlenMaye, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Associate Vice President for Academic Administration and Outreach

T: (316) 978-5054

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Dr. Carolyn ShawDr. Carolyn Shaw, AVP Strategic Enrollment
Associate Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

T: (316) 978-7130


Strategic Enrollment Management

Kaye Monk-MorganKaye Monk-Morgan, AVP for Academic Affairs

Assistant Vice President for Assessment, Accreditation and Strategic Planning

T: (316) 978-6406


Assessment, Accreditation, Curriculum

University Accreditation

Specialty Accreditation

University Strategic Planning *

First Generation Initiatives

*Strategic Planning reports to the university President & the President's Executive Council. 

Dr. David W. WrightDr. David Wright, Chief Data Officer
Chief Data Officer

T: (316) 978-7157

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  • Oversees the governance, content and use of all university enterprise data systems related to informational assets.
  • Serves as senior data architect for data warehousing and senior data scientist for analytics related to operational units.
  • Oversees implementation of new and modified software systems to ensure data integrity, validity and integration with university data systems.
  • Manages data and reporting standards for ERP and non-ERP systems including compliance and data quality.
  • Manages development of Academic Affairs analytic assets used for internal planning and reporting including the Business Intelligence and Predictive Modeling system.
  • Oversees the data warehousing and reporting group.
  • Oversees the Social Science Research Lab
  • Oversees the Office of Planning and Analysis (OPA).

Laura ManningLaura Manning, Executive Assistant to the Provost
Executive Assistant to the Provost

T: (316) 978-5051


  • Administrative Support for the Provost
  • Office Staff and Office Operations Management
  • Liaison between the Provost and Other Administrative Units
  • Faculty Searches

Jan HudsonJan Hudson, Budget Analyst
Budget Analyst

T: (316) 978-5352


  • Budget oversight and reporting for Division of Academic Affairs
  • Administrative support for Dr. GlenMaye and Dr. Wright
  • Payroll oversight and reporting
  • Purchase Requisition development and oversight for major projects

Lydia SantiagoLydia Santiago, Exec Admin Specialist
Executive Administrative Specialist

T: (316) 978-3987