Barton School Student Organizations

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Barton School Dean's Ambassadors (BSDA)
The Barton School Dean's Ambassadors is designed to provide an open line of communication between Barton School students and the Dean. This select group of business students is committed to enhancing the stature of the Barton School and meeting the needs of fellow Barton School students by communicating with the Dean, organizing key activities throughout the school year and serving the community.

Contact: Arlene Thomas at (316) 978-6404 for more information or email her at

Beta Alpha Psi
Beta Alpha Psi is a national honorary accounting society and professional fraternity. The WSU chapter offers business students free tutoring in accounting and publishes an annual resume book that spotlights WSU graduates. Its members are in constant contact with accounting firms, manufacturers, and other businesses. All accounting, finance and MIS majors are invited to attend professional meetings during the year.

Contact: Patricia O'Sullivan at (316) 978-5393 for more information or email her at

International Business Studies Association
The International Business Studies Association (IBSA) provides a forum for students in all majors interested in the globalization process and issues confronting U.S. businesses, the economy and society. IBSA holds meetings and special events that help students develop team spirit, multicultural, leadership and management skills for enriching one's personal life. IBSA assists the CIBA and WTC in conducting country/company monthly trade programs and educational export seminars. IBSA's participation at these functions provides rewarding opportunities for IBSA members to meet and network with area business executives, seek mentors, interview executives for internships and research reports, and to discuss real-world business and career options.

Contact: Brian Rawson at (316) 978-7109 for more information or email him at

Omicron Delta Epsilon
Omicron Delta Epsilon is an international honor society for students interested in economics. The WSU Alpha Chapter, founded in 1952, offers students an opportunity to get better acquainted with other students interested in economics, faculty members, and professionals in economics-related fields. ODE supports and organizes academic, professional, and social activities to enhance students' exposure to the professional aspects of economics as a career field for service in the academic world, business, government, and international organizations. Students interested in economics are invited to attend ODE sponsored events.

Contact: Jodi Pelkowski at (316) 978-7092 for more information or email her at

Shocker Student Marketing
The purpose of Shocker Student Marketing Association is to inform, engage, and train Wichita State students who have an interest in the marketing field. The organization focuses on helping students network with one another, connect with local professionals, and explore the world.

Contact: Roberta McKee at (316) 978-3718 for more information or email her at


Society of Human Resource Management
The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional organization for students with an interest in Human Resource Management. It provides a vehicle for students to interact with practitioners in Human Resource Management, as well as other students in their field.

Contact: Chris Stone at