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Whether you like robotics or managing and organizing people and teams, a Bachelor Degree in Engineering Technology will prepare you for your future career. Find out about the programs offered and more!

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Civil Engineering Technology

The Civil Engineering Technology (CET) program was created to help meet the demand for highly qualified, well-educated employees within the environmental engineering area. Students will be prepared to seek employment opportunities in sustainable energy and water technology management fields. 




Facilities Management


A Bachelor of Science in engineering technology (BSET)—facilities management—from Wichita State combines engineering technology fundamentals with knowledge and specialized skills for successful careers in facilities management. Students get hands-on experience through industry- and community-sponsored projects, which they present to industry at WSU’s engineering open house.

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Engineering Technology Management

Engineering Technology Management will prepare students who are on the ground floor of a company to become managers in a technology based environment. This degree not only prepares students to manage people and other important assets, but provides a stronger understanding of management and its direct role in industry. Students will learn to manage people and resources, set budgets (budget management), team building, and more.




Mechatronics Technology


Are you interested in robotics, automated equipment, advanced computer technologies? If getting your hands on this combination of equipment sounds exciting, the Mechatronics Technology degree program is the right fit for you.

Mechatronics technology encompasses the applied synergies of mechanical, electrical, and computer technologies involving robotics, automated manufacturing and packaging, aircraft, heating and cooling systems, and renewable energy systems to name a few.