Applied Research in Gaming (ARG) Lab


The Applied Research in Gaming (ARG) lab explores the various ways that people interact with games. The lab emerged after a significant number of graduate students expressed interest in applying human factors to research in games. The most common research projects focus on video game evaluation and investigate the factors that contribute to a game's success. Other projects include studying decision making in free-to-play games, team communication in gaming, an analysis of digital distribution platforms, and the user experience of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. The goal of this research is to understand player behavior and to improve game evaluation, retention, playability and design by applying principles of human factors to gaming.

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Current Members
Adam Armijo
Alexis Raushel
Daniel Smith
Jasmine Granados
Brady Patzer

Faculty Advisor
Traci Hart, Ph.D..
102 Mckinley Hall