The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders offers a variety of program scholarships, fellowships, and graduate assistantships.

To apply for these opportunities:

  • Students applying for CSD departmental funds and graduate assistantship positions must be currently enrolled in the professional phase of their program. New applicants to CSD programs are also eligible to apply for funds.

CSD Scholarships and Fellowships

Attention Pre-CSD Undergraduate Students: Students enrolled as pre-CSD students are not eligible for departmental scholarships, but can apply for CHP Continuing Student Scholarships accessible from the CHP Advising Center website.

For Undergraduate Students:

  • Barbara Williams Hodson Scholarship in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders Endowed Scholarship
  • Harold T. "Hal" Edwards Memorial Scholarship in Speech-Language Pathology
  • J. Keith Graham Endowed Scholarship

For Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

  • Grand Army of the Republic Living Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Sam and Rosemary Sherr Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Sidonie Faires Memorial Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Stan and Rosalind Scudder Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship

For Graduate Students Only:

  • Kent and Janet Kruske Endowed Fellowship in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Wichita Scottish Rite Charitable Trust Fellowship in Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSD Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships are awarded primarily on the basis of a student's academic record and demonstrated teaching, research, and leadership abilities. Responsibilities include providing direct or assisting instruction, assisting faculty members in their scholarly and/or creative activities, or assisting in non-teaching and non-research activities. Policies governing assistantship positions are defined in the WSU Policies and Procedures manual - 8.04 Graduate Assistantships. Current and prospective CSD graduate students may apply for assistantship positions within our department using the application form above.

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