Administrator-in-Training (AIT)

Administrator-in-Training (AIT) is a long-term care nursing home practicum placement program available to:

  • Students in their last semester of undergraduate studies;
  • Students who currently hold an advanced or bachelor degree;
  • Students pursuing a master's degree.

Potential AIT students must have had coursework or professional experience in the following areas prior to AIT placement:

  • Aging/gerontology/ long-term care
  • Management or leadership
  • Finance or accounting

Undergraduates who have not taken this coursework and are interested in a career as a nursing home administrator should consider the Health Management Bachelor of Science degree and the Accelerated Masters in Aging Studies program. If applicants have completed a bachelor’s degree they should consider the Aging Studies Master program (Administrative concentration).

The WSU AIT program meets the requirements of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Health Occupations Credentialing. Students who complete this placement are in a position to pursue a career as a licensed nursing home administrator in the state of Kansas.

Key Program Features

  • Coursework preparation. The Department of Public Health Sciences provides students with the coursework required for AIT placement. Coursework should be taken before AIT placement, but students may take one course concurrently with the AIT practicum.
  • Pursue AIT while completing degree. Interested program majors may pursue the AIT requirement while completing their last semester in a bachelor or master degree program.
  • Receive practicum placement help. Historically it has been the responsibility of the student to locate and secure an appropriate practicum placement. Students work closely with program faculty to locate and secure appropriate practicum placement.
  • Completion as non-degree. Students who hold a bachelor's degree can complete the AIT program as a non-degree seeking student.

Placement Program FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About the Program
Question Answer

Program Entry Point

  • Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • If a student decides to begin the AIT mid-term, he or she would need to contact the AIT coordinator (advisor) to file late registration.

Study Plan Options

  • There is no set schedule for this program, but it should be completed within one year (all 3 hours at once or split between semesters).
  • Schedule is set between student and site preceptor/practicum supervisor.

Program Length

  • 1-3 semesters depending on agreement between student and preceptor.

Program Cost

Employment Assistance

  • WSU does not provide employment assistance.
  • WSU does pass on job opportunities as they become available.

Practicum Wages

  • AIT students are not typically paid and WSU does not facilitate this process.
  • If an agency is willing to pay the student, the agreement would be between the student and the agency.

KDADS Approved

  • Select from KDADS approved preceptor directory provided or recommended by advisor.
  • Preceptors are required to be full-time, licensed administrators of record for 3 of the last 5 years, and have preceptor approval number from KDADS.