Public Health Sciences Non-Degree Programs

Administrator-in-Training (AIT)

AIT is a practicum placement available to individuals with a bachelor's degree, who have had course work in gerontology or long- term care, management concepts and finance or accounting. This placement is designed to help prepare students to become a licensed nursing home administrator.

Graduate Certificate in Aging Studies

A graduate certificate in aging studies allows graduate students and working professionals to expand their knowledge of the fundamental concepts of aging, to better serve an aging population they frequently encounter.

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

A graduate certificate in public health provides documentation that a student has completed a core set of public health courses beyond the bachelor’s degree level.

Graduate Certificate in Health Administration

A graduate certificate in health administration allows students to complement existing experience and educational background in business, finance, or related management/leadership, building upon that knowledge base to better plan, direct, manage, and coordinate medical and health services. The program prepares students in areas of health care leadership, operations management, strategic planning, health care policy, law and ethics, and trends in the health care delivery system.