What You Hoped Education Would Be

Students Kristyn Smith, Maggie Koops, and Jared Goering are being advised by Jeremy Patterson.

Customized Curriculum

Each student will choose the path they want to take. From courses in core design and engineering skills, as well as design-thinkingv infused curriculum across campus.
James Balman prototyping Neutrogena Light Therapy Face Mask at GoCreate

Experimental Learning

Be part of an experiment-driven active learning approach that creates structure and process to the chaos that characterizes the early stages of creative pursuits.
Hassan Farhoud and Mark Elliott are learning from classmate, Maggie Koops, in the Beech Windtunnel

Collaborative Culture

Our students come from various disciplines with different strengths and weaknesses; but all have a passion for creativity, collaboration, and having fun. 
Jared Goering and Ryan give presentation for Cy5 at Red Bull Launch Institute in NYC

Exclusive Opportunities

Students have access to creative spaces like WIDGET and GoCreate, as well as leading industry professionals from our community and across the globe.

Recent Collaborations

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Group collaborating in Widget room.

Let's Chat

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